All you need to know about these high-end Italian bikes. Many can call themselves powerful, but none like a Cipollini!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cipollini, the true "Made in Italy"

Blending innovative design and the latest technology, the brand is created and manufactured in Italy where it began and continues with its successful marketing and distribution.
Today Cipollini has its own factories in the outskirts of Verona, the mountain of cyclists. In this plant of 2,500 square meters which includes both the "ideas and design" division and also a large showroom, the main focus is to maximize the spirit of cycling and to provide the atmosphere of the most famous craftsmanship in the world. In addition, Cipollini's "engineering and development" branch is located in Milan, the "frame and molding" division is located in Venice, and the finishing touches are done at the factory in Florence.
It is therefore, in view of the combination of rider-bike that we really wanted a system of excellence by offering a variety of frames and colors so that any fan can have his or her favorite Cipollini bicycle.
Our RB1000 frame sets can be fully customized with the most vibrant colors. Product quality and customization are the two elements that move our philosophy, dedicated to Italian style.
Our 4 frame styles are offered in various color configurations.