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Friday, February 21, 2014


A new placing has been conquered today by Sonny Colbrelli.  The team Bardiani CSF rider arrived 4th in Trofeo Laigueglia of 181 kms. The winner was Jose Serpa (LAM).

Results Trofeo Laigueglia, 181km

1. Jose Serpa (LAM) 4.42.43
2. Patrick Sinkewitz (MKT) st.
3. Andrea Pasqualon (AZT) 0.13
4. Sonny Colbrelli (BAR) st.

5. Diego Ulissi (LAM) st.


Sonny Colbrelli
: ”I regret this result. Honestly today I started with the goal of winning on my mind. Serpa and Sinkewitz pulled out very well, but behind we didn't have the right organization to catch them. Also, there was only Pagani 
with me, who did a solid work. At the end I launched a long sprint, Pasqualon was behind me and he passed on the line. Anyway I hope to have better luck soon”. 

Mirko Rossato, Sport Director
: ”The guys did great but we missed the power to catch Serpa and Sinkewitz. This was a race perfect for Colbrell’s skills and again he’s arrived close to the victory. We’re missing a victory but from little mistakes we can improve for the future”.

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