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Monday, February 17, 2014


The Ale-Cipollini girls team has recently participated in the Ladies Tour of Qatar, 2014.  

The team was formed by Tatiana Guderzo, Marta Tagliaferro, Valentina Carretta, Monia Baccaille, Malgorzata Jasinska and Michela Pavin, as well as newcomers Elena Berlato, Ilaria Bonomi, Barbara Guarischi. Two new foreigners are also added to the team, Spanish champion Ana Santesteban Gonzales and  American Shelley Olds

Sports Director Luisiana Pegoraro, foresees many victories for her team.  "As always I'm anxious to start a new season and I'm sure the girls feel the same way.  I'm positive this will be a very good team, like last year's. The team has ambitious goals and we will do everything to achieve them and not disappoint our fans and our club president"

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